Business Development and Marketing Professional

About Me

Accomplished business development and marketing professional. I have exceeded business development revenue quotas for 10 consecutive years, and have managed business providing excess of $30 million annually to my employers. After a strong foundation in marketing and market research with some of the world's leading providers, I remain committed to the sales and marketing profession and succeed leveraging the highest degrees of integrity and a thorough understanding of what my customers need.
I am looking to begin another chapter in my career by finding a firm that can leverage my talents in business development, account management or in a marketing role. Happy to start as an individual contributor and grow through delivering success.

Outside of work I enjoy the outdoors (camping, hiking etc), astronomy (or anything science related), history, and family activities. Just started to volunteer at House of Mercy, a low income-assistance local charity. I am interested in anything involving successful strategies and tactics (games, lessons from history etc)

My Skills

  • Banking Industry
  • Business Development
  • Account Management
  • Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
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My Education

Saint Joseph's University

Marketing with concentration in Finance


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Analytical Problem Solver 

Continuous learner, a quick study, and thoughtfully spoken in everything I do.  In my position at Micron Technology, I provided innovative methods to improve product quality and shorten production cycle times while maintaining industry-leading merchandise. I am extremely resourceful and enthusiastic about my work. I can effectively organize, assemble and arrange resources to meet goals. I excel in analytical thinking and thoroughly analyzing conditions to reach independent decisions.

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Optimistic Professional 

I display a winning personality and I take an optimistic view on any problems that come my way. I have overcome many obstacles and hurdles during my career and in my life, and while I am not blind to reality, I always place "my best foot forward." I am a hard worker who enjoys the success that hard work and good planning will deliver. 

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Solutions Driven

A determined professional who thrives in collaborative environments with success leading others to accomplish a common goal.  Driven to achieve higher expectations and I'm engaging, friendly, and highly motivated to achieve great things in every situation. I've always believed that persistent action, careful listening, planning and attention to detail are they keys to success. I love solving challenges, leveraging data, technology and analytics to address complex issues.


  • 2013 - 2016
    Market Lead
    Micron Technology
  • 2011 - 2013
    Senior Director Sales & Marketing
  • 2008 - 2011
    Vice President Sales & Marketing
    The Nielsen Company
  • 1999 - 2008
    Vice President Sales & Marketing
    IXI Services (a Division of Equifax)

My Success Stories

Shutterstock 500931010 IXI's Affluence Segmentation

Very proud of the role I played in the successful launch of IXI's Affluence Segmentation. I worked closely with the product team to develop the tools required for successful segmentation in the financial services industry. Concurrent to product development, I developed the marketing plan for the segmentation and the awareness for its' applications. I drove IXI's banking revenues from ZERO to almost $20 million in recurring revenues in 6 years. They were then acquired by Equifax. I never lost a customer or a competitive sales situation over my tenure at IXI.

Shutterstock 158522279 Nielsen Market Audit Study

I managed both a large group of relationships and a group of Account Managers AND the Nielsen Market Audit study. I reengineered the Market Audit study content to be more in-line with client information needs, and helped redesign the deliverables to be most useful to Nielsen's customers. The group had a strong ROI under my leadership, with almost $30 million in recurring revenues and happy customers.

My Resume


"I reported to Ed while at IXI and soon came to appreciate his tremendous insight and experience in the banking industry. Ed knows the challenges financial services firms face and is adapt at creating effective solutions that solve real world problems. One of Ed's major strengths is how well he handles strategic and tactical work - Ed easily jumps between addressing operational issues and getting his hands dirty in the data. Ed is also a pleasure to work with. He supports his staff and lends a hand whenever needed to meet deadlines."

- Ian Wright - Product and Strategy Excutive

"Ed is a strategic leader who creatively solves problems. He has superior client communication skills and is extremely action and goal oriented. He handles challenging work environment with a positive attitude. Ed makes a significant impact to a company's bottom line. He makes any work environment enjoyable and he would be a true asset to any firm."

- Julie Oliver - VP, Product Management
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